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Two-day City Tour

D1:Gather in Ma’anshan Park at 8 o’clock; visit the national AAAA scenic spot-YufengshanPark. As it is shaped like a fish, therefore it is named “Liyu Peak” or “Shiyu Mountain”. It is said that Liu Sanjie (The third sister of Liu Family) song on the mountain and became an immortal, therefore her statue is erected here. In the park, the 88-meter “Liyu Peak” rose from the ground. You can reach the mountaintop after climbing 392 stone steps along the path around the mountain. Then go to Dalongtan Forest Park, which is a national AAAA scenic spot. Located in the south of the urban district of Liuzhou, the park is only 3km from the city center. With a planning area of 544 hectares, it is a large scenic spot integrating the natural landscape of Karst, culture of Chinese southern minority nationalities, and plants of subtropical zone into a whole.

Then visit Stone Museum of Jianpanshan (Bagui Stone Museum). As the first ornamental stone garden, the stone park of Jianpanshan takes the reflection of stone culture as the conception. Covering a building area of 1400 square meters, “Bagui Stone Museum” has the unique style of minorities, which is shown in overhanging beam and davit, bamboo and wood painted on the wall, and steel-gray colored glaze. The museum is three-storey high with exhibition hall, stone exchange room and stone friend room on the first floor, exhibition hall on the second floor and treasure depository on the third floor. Over 1000 pieces of big and small stones are exhibited in the hall. Drive to Liuzhou Confucian Temple, which is located between Jiahe Mountain and Dengtai Mountain. Built in Tang Dynasty, Liuzhou Confucian Temple has contributed a lot to the cultural and educational affairs of Liuzhou. At the beginning of last century, the temple was ruined due to the war. In order to develop the historical and cultural connotation of Liuzhou and carry forward excellent traditional culture of Chinese nation, the temple was rebuilt in 2010.


   Then drive to A hundred-mile Liujiang River-Phoenix River Hot Spring Ecological Tourist District, which is located at the head of the upstream of Liujiang River and it is an important place that displaces the local flavor of Liuzhou. The scenic spot is an international modern holiday resort with picking garden, tropical plants garden, high-class residential area which gathers Phoenix city, hot spring and flow water, and ecological forest, submarine club. Check into the hot spring hotel in the spot.


D2: After breakfast, you can walk around the scenic spot as you like. Return to the city center by bus after lunch, and then walk on Wuxing Pedestrian Street. After dinner, travel by boat on the best section (Hongguang Bridge-Hedong Bridge) of Liujiang River; visit Panlongshan Waterfalls, which is well-known for it is man-made landscape. 22 sets of water pump of 90 Kw withdraw the water from Liujiang River to halfway up the hill and fall into Liujiang River after passing the tank of 10,000 square meters and man-made embankment built of ten thousand tons of huge stones, thus forming a landscape of grand waterfalls. The main waterfall is 220-meter wide and 12-meter high, which is the largest man-made waterfall in Asia. Located between Liujiang Bridge and Wenhui Bridge and to the south of Fengqing port, the on-water fountain is the largest lift floating fountain in the world. The fountain is 315 meter long and 40-meter wide with 832 nozzles. When it starts to spray, it floats on the river; when it stops spraying, it submerges 2 meters deep in the water like a submarine. The water landscape is as high as 100 meters, and the most fascinating part is the comprehensive performance of fountain, music and light with superior technological contents and artistic effects. Traveling along Liujiang River by boat in the evening, you can feel the fresh air and clean breeze kissing your face when you are enjoying the beautiful scenery on both banks. At this time, youll find that Liujiang River looks more charming. 

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