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Nightless city

The night has unique charm.

It covers the estrangement and the ice-coldness of reinforced concrete and makes the city become soft and friendly. Wuxing Commercial Center of Liuzhou is a romantic road where it become beautiful gradually in the night.

Here, it become a leader and a supporter with respect to fushion cultural angle of view and live sense. Here, continuously perform the drift of vagrant singer, the fervor of the people not going home throughout the night, the love of the people falling in love at first sight, and the meeting by
chance without ending.

This chaotic, confused noise city gives us nonseparatable vagrancy.

In Wuxing Commercial Center, anybody can find desirable comfort.

When hungry, people can choose a Western-style food to fill stomach. Prince Restaurent has the
best steak ofLiuzhou, A single person sees cnema quietly and accompanies the leading character
in love and in hate. This is also a venting way.

When tired, people can look for foot therapy and enjoy the warmth and hearth, brought by
medicines. People feel relieved.

When heart is weary, people have music and wine as partner: killing time in the bar, singing
Karaok or finding friends chatting.

Shangdao Coffee House, at the crossing intersection of Wuyi East Road, has the warmest
corner:Scrooping up a cup of warm and moist Taiwan coffee, lives restore every little bit being
indifferent to fame or gain after busy day.

There is a Look Bookshop in downstairs. This bookshop has no seat, but it is usually filled to
capacity by people. It has the most fashionable and most popular at present fashion magazines.
The bars and KTVs of Liuzhou are concentratedly located at Jiefang South Road ang Zhong Shan Road in single-line battle array: noisy and lively House Disco Bar, fervent and romantic Suhe Music Bar, Shanwaiqingshan KTV, fanatically displaying Languifang Feelings Bar, the Xinyibao Distinguishing Feature Bar with displaying orchestra ...... .They have different styles and various ornaments, attracting a great many of people walking at night.

After turning another street, that is Shuguang Road. on that road, there are many little bars far
apart from noise. In those bars, light is pale yellow, music is quiet and conversation is softly.
The people to want drinking wine and chatting may go to those bars.

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