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Fossilized baby dinosaurs reveal cause of mysterious death
Date:2018-11-29  Source:Xinhua
 Why did a group of 39 juvenile dinosaurs die together around 125 million years ago? A dinosaur fossil on display in the Paleontological Museum of Liaoning Province can reveal the secret.

The intact fossil contains a group of 39 juvenile Psittacosaurus, a small dinosaur with a parrot-like beak, according to Liu Sen, director with the museum's display department.

Each dinosaur measures between 25cm and 40cm long.

The fossil was discovered in the city of Chaoyang, Liaoning Province, and is believed to have existed during the Cretaceous period.

"Psittacosaurus lived in groups and usually gathered and fed juveniles together. Adult dinosaurs sought food in turns," Liu said, adding that under this behavioral habit the juvenile dinosaurs were likely to be buried if there was a flood or mudslide.

Researchers believe such a tragedy happened. "In this group of fossilized dinosaurs, their bodies all faced in the same direction. We believe that they had gone through a catastrophe like a flood or mudslide," Liu said.

At that time, Liaoning was rich in forest and lakes, while volcanoes occasionally erupted. Psittacosaurus ate grass and served as prey for other carnivorous dinosaurs.

Set up in Shenyang, capital of Liaoning, the museum consists of eight exhibition halls. It is the largest paleontological museum in China.

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