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Chatting with people, listening to their voices
Date:2019-04-27 By:Liu Mingchuan Source:Liuzhou Daily

Recently, Liu Mingchuan, First Secretary in Ganchong Village of Dudong Town in Sanjiang County appointed by Liuzhou Municipal Intermediate People's Court, received a phone call from Hu Guanghua, Deputy Director of the village committee, reporting that a section of road over 10 meters long in Yage Sub-village caved in due to rainwater. A group of people led by Liu Mingchuan immediately rushed to the site. After learning about basic condition of the people afflicted by the disaster, the group went to the collapsed area at once.

It is learnt that the road section in Yage Sub-village was totally broken off due to the cave-in. If it couldn’t be recovered immediately, children living in this area would have to climb up a mountain and spend more than one hour walking to school. It would also bring inconvenience to the life of villagers. After discussion and deliberation, Liu Mingchuan made the following decisions: 1. Reporting to Yang Chunsheng, Deputy Town Mayor who is responsible for village affairs, and asking for relevant technicians to carry out field investigation so as to protect the slope as soon as possible and avoid secondary landslide; 2. Directly reporting to Liu Guangda, Director of Sanjiang County Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, for a special fund to repair and reinforce the slope; 3. Reporting to the supporter Liuzhou Municipal Intermediate People's Court and applying for financial assistance; 4. Making an advance payment of 10,000 yuan by myself to the village committee to organize farmers to build a temporary bridge for the affected villagers.

After the disaster was properly handled, Liu Mingchuan sat down at the dinner table at the warm invitation of the villagers. He had a talk with them, explained to them the poverty-alleviation policy, took down the difficulties they met in production and living, and took photos of every family in every house. He deeply realized their strong desire of speaking out. And the people were willing to chat with him, telling him what they need. Liu took notes about what they said and promised to give them reply within the time limit. Through actual deeds, Liu proved that the first secretary is not a simple title, but a job carrying heavy responsibility and sacred mission.

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