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Luzhai County of Liuzhou develops modern agriculture
Date:2019-04-09 By:Shasha Liang Source:Liuzhou Daily

In recent years, based on its advantages of ecosystem, geographic location, climate and featured industry, Pingshan Town in Luzhai County of Liuzhou has taken improving the overall efficiency of its industry as a major policy to increase the income of local farmers. Through the "Four Ones" (planting a good cane, protecting a good fruit, managing a garden of vegetables, and learning "One Skill” for planting), by which the development of modern agriculture and poverty alleviation in the industry of agriculture are integrated in strategy, Liuzhou will continue to create good conditions for poor households to participate in the development of local industries with characteristics through various forms, constantly consolidate the industrial base for targeted poverty alleviation, and improve the ability of industries to drive poverty alleviation.

In the sugarcane industry, 13 "High Sugar and Yield" sugarcane plantations were built in 2018, covering 10,300 mu through policies such as letting the demonstration bases facilitate the growth of bordering areas and actively developing new and suitable areas for sugarcane planting. At present, the town has a total of 28 "High Sugar and Yield" sugarcane plantations with a total area of 25,000 mu, and the total area of sugarcane planting is 36,000 mu. On the basis of the development of the "High Sugar and Yield" plantation, Luzhai County will promote the scientific management and mechanized farming with great effort to increase the output of sugarcane planting. It is estimated that 140,000 tons of raw sugarcane will be put into production in the season for sugarcane squeezing in 2019 with an increase of 24.78% over the previous year.

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