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Liujiang District Greatly Promoted the Development of Tourism Industry
Date:2018-11-09  Source:Liuzhou Daily

Liujiang district is located on the picturesque and folkloric golden tourism line in the middle part of Guangxi, which is known as "Picturesque Guilin and Folkloric Liuzhou", its geographical position is superior, traffic is developed, which owns civil aviation, railway, expressway, water shipping and other modern transportation networks. There are Tongtianyan "Liujiang Hominid" historic site, the old site of "Chengtuan Conference", Ganwang Cave and other cultural relics that are famous at home and abroad, and there are natural and cultural landscape such as Lemi Cave, Beigong Reservoir Scenic Spot and the sea of lotus root in Xialun, Baipeng, etc., and the rich cultural heritage and tourism resources have laid a good foundation for the development of tourism in Liujiang.

Large projects are the important carriers for the development of tourism, and the development of all-for-one tourism must take project construction as the breakthrough and the supporting point. From the year of 2018, the development fund of circum-city leisure tourism arranged by Liujiang Finance has increased from 5 million yuan to more than 30 million yuan to 50 million yuan annually, and the department fund that has been integrated is more than 1 billion yuan in total, which has further strengthened and improved the tourism infrastructure, excavated the emerging tourism resources, and created A-level scenic spots and high-quality routes of tourism in the whole region. Tourism development shall, as an important part, be included in the economic and social development, urban and rural development, land use, infrastructure construction and other correlative plans, and form a "unity of multi-discipline" in the planning.

Strengthen the construction of tourism infrastructure and promote the upgrading construction of scenic spots. Set up Liujiang district all-for-one tourism tourist distribution service center; at the same time, start to lay out the service network such as four-star level and above hotels, shopping pedestrian blocks, new urban public square, high-level catering, etc., and improve the network work of central transportation. Carry forward the planning and packaging of the projects such as the slow life research and study tourism base in Zhou Village, Chengtuan County, accumulate the tourism project database, and lay a good foundation for attracting investment in the next step.

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