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The Overall-planning Scheme for Lianhua Mountain is Done
Date:2018-09-10  Source:Liuzhou Daily

On September 5th, 2018, Municipal Party Committee and Members of the Standing Committee Meeting has discussed and approved The Overall-planning Scheme for Lianhua Mountain in Liuzhou City in principle. According to the scheme, Lianhua Mountain is planned to be “Center of the City’s Ecological Afforestation and Suburb National Forest Park”.

The planned land area of Lianhua Mountain is about 40.9 square kilometers. Based on recovering and protecting various forest ecological environment, the government is taking full advantage of and protecting the special ecological resources of Lianhua Mountain’s green hills and clear water, to transform from “simple natural ecological system protection” to “compound ecological system protection and development”. Eventually, the government will achieve the goals of mutualism between urban-rural and nature, and of the infiltration between urban space and eco-space.

The main planned designs include three parts: “natural playground, wild but fun forest, and the combination of city and afforestation”. Among these, natural playground is eco-protection-oriented, including reducing construction, relocating the villages, repairing ecological elements, remodeling ecological scenes and so on. Wild but fun forest aims to improve infrastructures and protect the original cultures, including coordinating visual landscapes, organizing roads and traffics, sight viewing and developing greenheart of the culture. The combination of city and afforestation focuses on forming ecological safety to provide sustainable ecological services for the city, including building ecological corridor and sharing facilities.

Besides, for Lianhua Mountain to declare Famous Scenic Spot of Autonomous Region, the scheme was demonstrated accordingly. It’s suggested to combine Lianhua Mountain and Guting Mountain to accomplish a wider development of greenheart in the city.

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