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As CCTV and Guangxi Satellite TV Report, Liuzhou’s River Snails Rice Noodle Industry Leads the High-quality Development of Food Sector
Date:2018-08-20  Source:Liuzhou Daily

“River Snails Rice Noodle is a special delicacy in Liuzhou, Guangxi. In the past three years, a bowl of river snails rice noodle at the cost of 7.5 rmb yuan has become a web celebrity on sale throughout China. In 2017, the output value of river snails rice noodle industry in Liuzhou reached 3 billion yuan. River snails rice noodle, from being a type of street food to entering into the industrial park, how can such industry lead the high-quality development of food sector?” On August 14th, China Business News on CCTV-2 - the Financial Channel thumbed up for Liuzhou's river snails rice noodle industry. In recent days, Guangxi News on Guangxi Satellite TV also launches a series of reports consecutively for 3 days to present a comprehensive record of the development of Liuzhou’s river snails rice noodle industry.

Since even authoritative medias are attracted to report on river snails rice noodle, what is the charm of such web celebrity on earth? It is reported by China Business News that: “According to incomplete statistics, the daily sales of river snails rice noodle are 200 thousand bowls in Liuzhou.” It is a comment from Samuel, a gastrosoph from America: “Perfectly delicious, mildly spicy with dense flavour.” And there is a revelation of a river snails rice noodle shop owner: “My daily sales may amount to 20,000 ~ 30,000 yuan when the business is good.” It is reported that, up to now, there are more than 200 river snails rice noodle brands in Liuzhou. Liuzhou’s river snails rice noodle not only can be seen on sale throughout China, but have made headway overseas. The daily sales of Liuzhou’s packaged river snails rice noodle have exceeded 800 thousand packets, and there have been more than 10,000 relevant online stores on e-commerce platforms.

It is learned that packaged river snails rice noodle began to be put into production in 2014, and Local Standards for Liuzhou’s Snail Powder Food Safety, the first local production standard in relation to a local rice noodle flavor was promulgated in Guangxi in 2016, which promotes Liuzhou’s river snails rice noodle to enter the track of development towards industrialization and standardization. The increasing demand for packaged river snails rice noodle directly drives the development of upstream aquaculture of river snails, plantation of bamboo shoots and beans, along with downstream network e-commerce, thus forming a complete industrial chain. With the promulgation of the Implementation Plan for Vigorously Promoting the Upgrading and Development of River Snails Rice Noodle Industry in Louzhou, we are buiding a Six-one project to promote the development of river snails rice noodle industry towards scalization, industrialization, standardization and brandization, and our next target is to achieve a sales revenue of Liuzhou’s packaged river snails rice noodle amounting to 10 billion yuan, and that of supporting and derivative products amounting to 10 billion yuan by 2022.

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