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Walk into Xialun Sightseeing Zone of Liujiang District, and Enjoy the Sight of Moonlight in the Lotus Pond
Date:2018-06-14  Source:Liuzhou Daily

On the evening of June 9th, in the Xialun Sightseeing Zone, Huaihong Village, Baipeng Township of Liujiang District, a warm yellow ribbon of LED lights with audio for near 6,000 meters was activated for the first time, and instantly, along the plank road, on the long passage and in the pavilion, it showed a glittering view of a light stream brimmed with brilliant colors just like a river of stars, while a breath of fabulous singing lingering around the ears. Pointing to the flickering neon lights before his eyes, Qin Xiaomeng, a 73-year-old villager, told the reporter: “I have lived in the village for most of my life. It was ever pitch-dark in the night before, and then the government fixed bright street lamps for us. Now there are so many colorful lights, so beautiful! The life in the village is as nice as in the county.”

As Qin Xiaomeng said, the villagers’ lives have undergone tremendous changes. In the past, it usually took several hours to carry vegetables to the county town for sale, but now a parcel can be sent (by mail or express) to distant places; in the past, one had nothing to do but sat smoking in front of his gate at nightfall, but now people may play basketball and chat with each other on the newly built basketball field; in the past, a flashlight was necessary for walking in the night, but now one can even take self-photography under the LED lights…With the acceleration of integration of urban and rural areas, the social economy, ecological environment, cultural life and cultural landscape of Xialun Sightseeing Zone have changed for the better day by day.

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