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Wuzhou-Liuzhou Expressway to be open by end of 2017
Date:2017-12-04 By:Xiaoyu Tang Source:Liuzhou Daily

Following the opening of Guilin-Sanjiang Expressway in October of 2017, the 214-kilometer Wuzhou-Liuzhou Expressway has been completed after 4 years of construction and will be open by the end of 2017.

There are 12 toll stations set up in the Wuzhou-Liuzhou Expressway, including Lingjiao, Tengxian Bei, Heping, Pingnan Dong, Dapeng, Liuxiang, Sicun, Xiangzhou Bei, Baisha, Jiangkou and Liuzhou Dong. Apart from the scenic spots such as Xiangzhou Hotspring and Wuzhou Drop Soybean Milk, the areas linked by the toll stations also enjoy well-preserved ecological landscapes.

In addition, as an expressway with the longest mileage and the largest investment, the Wuzhou-Liuzhou Expressway sets a precedent of being put into operation with available supporting facilities such as service center and gas station.

Upon its opening to traffic, the expressway will become the one in Liuzhou and even the whole central and western regions of Guangxi leading to the economically developed Pearl River Delta. At that time, the journey from Liuzhou to Wuzhou will be shortened by about 50 kilometers for around 2 hours, which will cost about 130 yuan. The one-way journey between Liuzhou and Guangzhou will also be reduced to around 4 hours, which makes the round trip between the two places within a day a reality.

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