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Rongshui builds trackless train station of high-speed rail
Date:2017-08-21  Source:Liuzhou Daily

The high-speed trackless stations were put into operation at the same time in recent days in ten counties of Guangxi, which, together with the existing Lingyun High-speed Trackless Station, indicates that those 11 stations have realized unified and integrated managements on ticket services and vehicle operations and the network-based operation of Guangxi's high-speed trackless stations has initially come true.

The high-speed trackless station refers to an integrated service station for railway passenger transport, established in those areas without access to high-speed railways, with such functions as “ticket purchase and collection, wait and transfer, intermodal transit, and rapid transportation” etc. Those areas without any high-speed railways are connected to the high-speed railway network by nonstop coaches near high-speed railway stations, to provide rapid transportation for passengers and cargos.

The operation of high-speed trackless stations is consisted of three parts, trackless stations in country terminals, connection and transfer centers in the high-speed railway terminals, and point-to-point coaches.

Such 10 countries (or country-level cities) as Yulin, Baise, Rongxian, Beiliu, Luchuan, Bobai, Rongshui, Debao, Jingxi, Leye, Tianlin and Longlin, which have been affected by the Lingyun High-speed Trackless Station, have successively reached agreements with Nanning Railway Bureau to operate the high-speed trackless stations, from which more than 7.7 million people will benefit.

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