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Smooth the approval service channels to promote the development of the New District at top speed
Date:2015-12-22 By:ShuHou Li;HanChi Li Source:www.liuzhou.gov.cn

The city is extending eastward and the construction of Liudong New District seems unstoppable. During “the Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, Liuzhou (Guangxi) Automobile City (Liudong New District) has gotten infrastructure investment, totaling 52.961 billion Yuan. The New District encountered the following problems during the construction: the number of key projects is large; the schedules for projects are tight; and construction procedures relatively lag behind. In order to ensure the early settling down and construction of these projects, Liudong New District Construction Bureau opened green channels for all key projects in the New District by smoothing the approval service channels, improving the quality and efficiency of examination and approval, strengthening the supervision and management of the ongoing project in the New District, and ensuring the quality and safety of the projects.

Crossed networks and rows of tall buildings are showing the vigor and the livableness of Liudong New District. The development area of the New District is 8.33 square kilometers per year on average, increasing by 2 million square meters each year.

During “the Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the construction of Liudong New District is unstoppable – the infrastructure investment of New District has reached 52.91 billion yuan; and its development framework covered an area of 25 square kilometers. The continually improved supporting facilities promoted the coordinated development of “industry, city and human” of the New District, which enabled the District to absorb population of 220, 000. Liudong New District is now becoming a “model area that integrates industries with the city”, featured by good ecological environment, livableness, and numerous job opportunities.

Under-construction projects like the extension line of Xinliu Avenue, East Outer Ring, Shuguang Road, the Sanmen river tunnel, Cultural Tourism Technology Experience Park of Overseas Chinese Town, Liudong New District Cultural Center, Guantang Bridge, Guantang operation area (phaseⅠ), and Liudong Logistics Center—a national road transportation hub in Liuzhou, laid a powerful hardware foundation for speeding up Liu Zhou city’s eastward development.

During “the Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, Liudong New District Construction Bureau implemented the leadership responsibility system and the cadre duty, smoothed the approval service channels, improved the quality and efficiency of examination and approval, and provided services for all the projects of the New District. Since 2011, Liudong New District Construction Bureau has completed the examination and filing of totally 640 construction drawings, of which the floor area of housing construction projects is 8, 490, 100 square meters. The Bureau also conducted experts programme examination for 37 times, completing program examination of 131 items, with the examined floor area of 2, 602, 400 square meters. Meanwhile, it handled engineering quality and safety supervision report of 645 cases; handled commercial housing pre-sale permit for 146 items, with a pre-sale housing area of 1, 313, 900 square meters.

In view of the special circumstance of the New District construction – many key projects have tight schedules and construction procedures relatively lagbehind, Liudong New District Construction Bureau, after consulting with departments like Planning, Land and Resources, Planning and Constructing, Laws and Regulations, Eastern City, etc., announced The Internal Implementation Opinions on Early Intervention of Safety Supervision of Construction Projects in Liudong New District, so as to ensure the early settling down and construction of those projects. The Opinions has been released and implemented in this August by the Management Committee of Liudong New District.

In the construction process, Liudong New District Construction Bureau, in accordance with The Opinions, opened up the green channels for the New District’s key projects—as long as the project meets the basic conditions for early intervention, the Bureau will timely go through the early intervention procedures, and immediately arrange the supervision group, which will effectively promote the construction of key projects.

In “the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, Liudong New District will continue to coordinate and promote the construction of eight major industries: infrastructure, public utilities, real estate development, port logistics, hotels and exhibitions, cultural tourism, financial services, and energy. The length of roads that will be opened to traffic is about 200 kilometers, and the area of newly built schools will be 970, 000 square meters, affordable housing project will be 1.88 million square meters, and other commercial supporting service facilities 560, 000 square meters.

The construction of Automobile Theme Park, Guangxi University of Technology (Liudong Campus), Yanghe Affordable Housing Community, Cultural Square, and Guantang Bridge represents that numerous projects are proceeding briskly together. All of these result in the improvement of the infrastructure in the New District and continuous upgrading of the urban functions. Liudong Construction Bureau will always provide good services for the development of New District.

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