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2015 Liuzhou Shopping Festival comes to a successful end
Date:2015-12-21 By:Guili Li; Jie Qin Source:Liuzhou Daily

2015 Liuzhou Shopping Festival, a heat wave swept across the city for 30 days from November 20th to December 20th. This annual shopping spree exclusively for Liuzhou came to a successful end in Wanda Plaza, Chengzhong district, which its total sales reached a new height — exceeding 1.2 billion yuan.

To promote circulation, boost consumption and revitalize central Guangxi business, the festival attracted merchants in more areas and at higher levels, with the great support from Liuzhou Municipal Committee and the government.

Liuzhou Municipal Commerce Commission and Liuzhou Daily, main organizers of the festival made great efforts in innovation, creation and service. The first introduced points system provided “Internet +” to Liuzhou commerce and trade circulation industry. All business and trade enterprises conducted a series of sales promotion through plenty of optional exercise, which resulted in customers’ favor and recognition.

The award pool activated over 1.76 million point coupons by 8:00 p.m., Dec 20th. According to the statistics from the organizers, there are 177,989 customers who logged in the points system of the shopping festival. Taking 1.76 million point coupons into calculation, an average customer can have about 9 coupons; and as 1 point corresponds to at least 88 yuan, per capita consumption reached 792 yuan. This was the first time that Liuzhou has taken sales data sampling in a fixed time from trade circulation enterprises in the city, and it opened a big data history of Liuzhou commerce and trade circulation industry.

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