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The Second Rongshui Bridge Has Its Two Sections Joined Successfully
Date:2015-11-22 By:XiaoYu Tang Source:Liuzhou Daily

The Second Rongshui Bridge, which has been under construction since 2012, has its two sections joined recently. Guangxi Chengjian Construction Group Co., Ltd. was in charge of the construction, and the chief engineer of its Second Rongshui Bridge project department, Lin Shuntian said that since then the construction would be accelerated in the later period and it was estimated to open to traffic before the Spring Festival of 2016. He also lamented that the construction could have been finished a year earlier if they have not encountered the irresistible karst cave and other difficulties.

It is reported that construction of the Second Rongshui Bridge was difficult resulting from the complex geological conditions. The main bridge is in a single 160-meter span and each side span is 98-meter long. The length of the main bridge is 356 meters, and the whole bridge is 665.5-meter long and 22.5-meter wide. The widen section is 33.5 meters; the volume of the concrete of the whole bridge is 45 thousand cubic meters. It is the second largest single-span bridge with T structure single box multi- room box girders in Guangxi.

Lin Shuntian said, “There was a big karst cave under no. 5 and no. 6 girders, we have filled it with more than 10 thousand cubic meters of soil and rocks. And flood in 2013 which caused the water level surpassed the warning mark also impeded the construction. So it took one more year to finish the project. ”

According to introduction, the Second Rongshui Bridge is an important passage that connects the old town and Shuidong new district. 210 million yuan has been invested in the project, while the total investment volume would be 375 million yuan. The next key construction will be the building of girders for bridge’s approach span, paving reinforcing mesh on deck and concrete placement.

Besides the existing Rongshui Bridge, the Second Rongshui Bridge will be the second municipal bridge which crosses the Rongjiang River of Rongshui Miao Minority Autonomous County. It will connect the Shuidong new district, Chengnan new district and the old town, which will alleviate the traffic congestion, interconnect each area and improve the capacity of roads while playing a key role in the economic development of the county.

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