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Successful Model Sports Marketing City of Liuzhou City, By Xinhua News Agency
Date:2015-10-08 By:HuaShe Xin Source:Liuzhou Daily

During National Day Holiday, International Aquatic-Speed Competition (IAC) came to a successful end. This competition consists of 3 competitions, namely UIM F1 H2O World Championship, UIM Aquabike World Championship and Sino-American Water Ski Star Competition. Liuzhou, an important industrial city in southwest China, impresses the whole world through its eco-suitability by holding these water sports competitions.

The idea of Sports Marketing City has grant Liuzhou the opportunity to hold aquatic-speed competition for seven consecutive years. This helps change people’s stereotyped image towards Liuzhou. Liuzhou became a model of win-win situation between sports development and city promotion.

“In recent years, Liuzhou’s sports industry has grown, especially aquatic sports industry. Liuzhou has constructed infrastructures like aquatic sports centers.” said Lvqing, the deputy director of Liuzhou Sports Bureau. He told reporter that since Liuzhou held UIM F1 H2O World Championship andUIM Aquabike World Championship, the local aquatic sports has developed quickly. At present, Liuzhou has two aquatic sports bases and three water scooter clubs, with more than 300 members and over 200 motorboats. The club and motorboat association also invest in the construction of wharf, with the amount of over 300,000,000 yuan. So hardware facilities for aquatic sports will be improved.

At the same time, Liuzhou took advantage of its water resources to establish Liuzhou International Water Carnival, which has been held during National Day for 5 consecutive years.

In 2015, Liuzhou International Water Carnival followed the theme of happiness, focused on idea of “close to people” and highlighted the “water” of the theme “flowers in the spring and water in autumn”. The content of activities is richer and people can experience more wonderful programs. Liuzhou will offer Liuzhou citizens and visitors from all over the world an amazing cultural feast, make people enjoy the scenery with mountains and rivers as well as experience city style of Liuzhou. The visit to Liuzhou will be an unforgettable and beautiful memory in their life.

Xiao Wensun, the mayor of Liuzhou, said that this year Liuzhou International Water Carnival will follow the theme of happiness, focus on idea of “close to people” and highlight its unique water culture. Along with the strategy to build Liuzhou into “The Entertainment Capital of Aquatic Sports”, the Liuzhou government would further develop its water culture brand.

Ever since introducing this international aquatic sports competition, Liuzhou attracted people’s eyes with a brand new name card---“The Entertainment Capital of Aquatic Sports”, which solved the core problem of building city image.

“An industrial city could even have such natural and beautiful scenery. It is more beautiful than I imagine!” That’s the first impression of Lavinia, vice president of Union for International Motorboating (U.I.M) to Liuzhou when she inspected Liuzhou.

“A city’s image and influence are important invisible assets. Sports competition, serving as a world language, could display a city’s appearance and vigor from all aspects.” said Xia Xinping, an associate researcher from Guangxi University of Science and Technology. “Compared with holding large-scale comprehensive sports events, aquatic sports competition is more sustainable and could highlight Liuzhou’s advantage of beautiful water environment. And it is more cost efficient.”

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