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Service Guide for 2015 Liuzhou International Water Carnival
Date:2015-09-30 By:Bing Lian Source:Liuzhou Daily

2015 Liuzhou International Water Carnival will be filled with joy as the past ones, highlighting the theme of “Autumn Water” and the concept of “All-People Participation”.

This year, the parade of Liuzhou Carnival will be divided into the Parade of Water Carnival (on water) and Parade of All Citizens Carnival (on land).

The Parade of Water Carnival is held in Liuzhou for the first time, involving 17 formations of more than 200 ships, and the Parade of All Citizens Carnival will include 15 square formations at least.

Parade of Water Carnival:


The Parade of Water Carnival is held on city inland river for the first time; the parade is in a large scale with 200 ships; over 1000 participants; A great opportunity to demonstrate Liuzhou’s achievement in developing water recreational sports industry in the past seven years; The best illustration of Liuzhou as the capital of water recreational sports; Local athletes and performance teams of water sports will put on performance.

Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 am, October 1, which also marks the official opening of the Carnival.

Best Viewing Spot: Jinsha Jiao

Parade of All Citizens Carnival:

Route: Guizhong Avenue to Liuzhou Sports Park

Highlights: Classic items of Water Carnival; about 20 performance square formations with different characteristics; you can take part in the whole parade wherever you want.

Time: 16:00 pm - 18:00 pm, October 1

Best Viewing Spot: Guizhong Avenue

Preliminary for Hawaii Boat Huanjiang Rally: With the hydrophilia, interactivity and high-level safety of Hawaii boat, the Journey of Loving Water with Children attracted lots of citizens when it was promoted for the first time during the last water carnival. This year, Hawaii Boat Huanjiang Rally will be divided into two competition stages, namely preliminary and final. The final will be held after the opening of the Water Carnival. The segment of experiencing activity for citizens will be held during the whole rally, integrating profession event with citizen leisure activities, so as to present the scene of Hawaii boat prevailing on Liujiang River.

Competition Time: Preliminary (September19-20, 26-27); Quarter-final (October 1-2); Final (October 3-4)

Venue: Preliminary and Quarter-final (Sprint) - Water area of Yaobu Dock; Final (Rally)-Yaobu Dock (the starting point and terminal point), Dongmen Station (player substituting station), and Haiyuan Dock Station (player substituting station).

Groups: The rally adopts four-racer rowing. Each team should not be less than 10 players.

The 3rd Session of Free Experience of P750 High-speed Pneumatic Boat: Liuzhou Motorboat Sports Association held two free experience activities for the public on September 5 and September 19 respectively. Through these activities, nearly 200 citizens have experienced the water sports brought by the P750. The 3rd session of experience activity will be held on the water area of Jinsha Jiao on October 3. During that time, P750 racers will lead Liuzhou citizens to enjoy the experience of “flying over” Liujiang River.

Please also note the following points when having fun:

P750 high-speed pneumatic boat experiencing activity is open to the public for free. Citizens can attend the activity by on-site registration or making an appointment in advance.

Citizens who attend the experiencing activity should wear life jacket and be accompanied by the coach. Attendees are recommended to prepare a suit of clothes in advance for changing.

For safety, attendees should be aged from 7 to 60 (citizens with illness or unsuitable health conditions are not allowed to attend the activity). In addition, if the activity could not be arranged because of potential safety hazard caused by the weather or water regime, the activity will be rescheduled.

International Aquatic-Speed Competition (IAC)

At that time, more than 200 top water athletes from over 30 countries will gather in Liuzhou, bringing you a wonderful aquatic-speed competition. Three main competitions will present three highlights which are worthy of your anticipation.

Highlight One: The three main competitions of IAC are connected with each other, with their own eye-catching points. U.I.M F1H2O World Championship will take the first to start the racing from October 1 to 2. The fastest speed of the motorboat can reach 280 km/h, and it can speed up from a stationary position to 100kph in just 3.5 seconds. The motorboat only has accelerators, no brake systems, and drivers can drive the motorboat like the movie Speed anytime.

Highlight Two: After the U.I.M F1H2O World Championship, UIM-ABP AQUATIC World Championship themed with “Waltz Dance” will be held from October 3 to 4, which will give you a splendid aquatic competition.

Highlight Three: Sino-US Water Ski Star Competition will be held on October 5, integrating fashion, adventure and elegance.

Highlight Four: Numerous activities are waiting for citizens and visitors to attend. If you think these activities are not exciting enough, you can ride on the motorboat to enjoy the fast and the furious of the river tour.

Besides, World River Regatta will also be held from October 15 to 18. What are you waiting for? Come on!

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