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Liuzhou’s agriculture keeps a stable growth in the first half year
Date:2015-07-29 By:Youming Yan Source:Liuzhou Daily

In the first half year of 2015, the output of six main industries of Liuzhou’s agriculture present a pattern of “Three Growths, Two Stabilities, and One Drop”, namely the growth of fruit, silk, and vegetable, the stability of grain and tea, and the drop of sugarcane. It is estimated that Liuzhou’s agricultural economy will keep a stable growth in 2015.

In the first half year, Liuzhou actively implemented various farmer-benefiting policies, granting project fund of 113.6 million yuan in total to municipal agricultural departments.

To expedite the transformation and upgrading of the city’s agriculture, Liuzhou has simultaneously implemented multiple measures. It vigorously supports family farms and cooperative household operation, reinforces the implementation of the cultivation project for new professional farmer, strengthens the selection and classification of fruits based on different grades, and comprehensively launches the monitoring for the quality and safety of agricultural products and “Green Shield Action”. At present, Liuzhou has fostered 92 leading agricultural industrialization enterprises above municipal level, established 51 rural demonstrative cooperatives above provincial level, and developed 62 family farms. Besides, Liuzhou has cultivated 2,056 new professional farmers, being listed in the 21 national demonstrative cities for promoting new professional farmer in China. In addition, the quantity and scale of the postharvest commercialization treatment and storage for fruit exceed that of the previous years, and 3 postharvest treatment spots for citrus fruits are newly added. In Liujiang County, the productivity of passion fruit is expected to expand 10% after postharvest treatment. Moreover, Liuzhou has added 2 kinds of pollution-free agricultural products and 1 kind of green food.

In the first half year, Liuzhou steadily carried forward the establishment of the Modern Featured Agriculture (Core) Demonstration Zone. So far, the “Lotus Pond Moonlight” Characteristic Modern Agriculture Demonstration Zone has been awarded the title of the First Batch of Modern Featured Agriculture (Core) Demonstration Zone in Guangxi, and the Buyang Modern Tea Demonstration Zone in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County has become the first municipal demonstration zone. The Liudong New District has created a new path for overall-process mechanization for sugarcane planting, which has created the “Liudong Mode” for sugarcane planting.

Furthermore, Liuzhou is actively exploring the rural land conversion and expanding the scope of pilot spots for rural land confirmation registration and certification. In 2015, the scope of pilot spots in the whole city involves 178,000 households of contracted farmer, experimenting readjusted agricultural acreage of 1.59 million mu, and contracted agricultural acreage of 97, 800 mu.

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