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Nursery Stocks in Sandu Town of Liuzhou City Have High Output Value
Date:2015-04-15 By:Weili Qin,Ruidan Qin Source:Guangxi Daily

Sandu Town is one of the top three nursery stock base of Liuzhou City, with its flowers, plants and seedlings being sold across the country. Half of the 200,000 bauhinia variegata flowers blooming in downtown Liuzhou come from Sandu Town.

Over 8200 mu (1300 acre) flowers, plants and seedlings are planted in Sndu Town, with plants such as ficus microcarpa, ficus virens, moraceae ficus, bauhinia variegata, archontophoenix, excoecaria cochinchinensis, duranta repens cv. golden leaves, bougainvillea speetabilis and dracaena sanderiana. Zoysia matralla covers an area (including multiple cropping area) of 2000 mu (329 acre), making it one of the biggest turf-production bases in Guangxi. The multiple cropping area of bauhinia variegata reaches over 5700 mu (939 acre), accounting for 70% of the whole planting area.

Among all the plants in Sandu Town, the output of bauhinia variegata alone exceeds 100 million yuan. Bauhinia variegata is not only sold to cities and counties in Guangxi, but also to provinces and municipalities such as Hunan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Guangdong, and Chongqing,. It is known that 70 percent of the Bauhinia variegata in Nanning City, the capital of Guangxi, comes from Sandu Town.

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