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Luzhai County: brand agriculture gives a good show
Date:2014-11-23 By:Yang Jiqiang Source:Luzhai County

"We rear young silkworm in an cooperative way, and also rear the grown silkworm. After we finish the rearing of the last batch of silkworm, the annual income of 2014 will exceed 100 thousand RMB yuan, with per capita net income for the household of over 30 thousand RMB yuan." said Huang Changsheng, a villager in Shanjiao Village of Huangmian Township, about the annual income of his family. According to the statistics of the management station for rural economy of Huangmian Township, the per capita net income of farmers was 12,143 yuan in 2014, up by 20.25% or increasing by 2,045 RMB yuan compared to 2013. It was the first township in Guangxi which achieved the doubling program for per capita net income of farmers well over a year in advance.

The matchmaking of primary industry with secondary industry makes silkworm cocoons sell well and farmers have a steady income. In recent years, Huangmian Township actively took use of the project fund to improve the low-yield mulberry field and plant high-quality grafted mulberry like Nongsang No.14 and Qiangsang No.1. Up to now, 38,000 mu of the mulberry field has been improved, 68% of which is for grafted mulberry. In 2014, there is totally 56,000 mu mulberry field in Huangmian Township, with the output of fresh cocoons of 6,075 tons and production value of 219 million yuan. In addition, the forestry, aquaculture and animal husbandry maintained a sustainable and steady development, with annual income of 367 million yuan and per capita net income of 7,856 yuan from these industries.

The service of secondary industry for primary industry helps the transfer of rural labor force and the increase in farmers' income. There are three leading enterprises of silkworm industry and a batch of forest product processing enterprises in Huangmian Township. In 2014, more than 8,000 people of Huangmian Township worked in local enterprises and went out for non-farming job, and farmers' per capita wage income was 1,548 yuan.

The integration of primary industry with tertiary industry helps boosting the rural tourism and increasing farmers' income. Based on the demonstration base of agricultural tourism of Guangxi and Gushang Village (an ecological village of Guangxi), Huangmian Township vigorously developed the tertiary industry with focus on the tourism in Gushang Village and peasant-household tourism. At present, there are 1,440 people engaging in wholesale and retail industry, catering industry, building industry and transportation industry. In 2014, farmers' per capita net income from the tertiary industry was 952 yuan.

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