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Liuzhou Transportation


Liuzhou Bailian Airport can land Boeing and MD seriplanes for all weather, which has the handling capacit1,000 person/time at peak per hour.

Directly consult the airline company for other lines Consult telephone:07723824409


Waterway Transportation

Liuzhou is the first class national port. After Liujiang River (Xijiang water system) channel is renovated, the channel grade is raised_from_ No. 6 grade to No. 5 grade, newly built Zhegujiang dock is an ideal combination exercise zone for waterway, highwayand railway and container transportion.

Liuzhou port provides Hong Kong & Macao fleets directly to Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao etc. Liuzhou Ship Service(Hong Kong) Co., Ltd established in Hong Kong to undertake water transportation business from Hong Kong to Liuzhou and Southwestern region.


Cab (Taxi)

The definite mark or English TAXI is marked above the taxi in Liuzhou, the stop station and running line are respectively worked out according to the road conditions in Liuzhou. Therefore, you should follow the instructions of the station plate and traffic regulations when you take a taxi, make a good choice for getting on-off places so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.

There are two kinds of charging methods for taxi in the city, the charge is different with different tixe type,for  ordinary taxi , starting charge is RMB 5.00 Yuan, 1.20 Yuan is added every kilometre; for better brand qualit) starting charge is higher and is RMB 7.00 - 10.00 Yuan, 1.40 Yuan is added every kilometre. if you want to  go farther ,you must negotiate the charge, the metering is used in the district taxi, the passenger pays the charge according to figure in  the  metering.The government traffic management department advocates the taxi drivers should have social servic morality ,as usual,so price

fraud will not occur, ifnot so, you can directly contact or make a complaint by telephone: 282364


Liuzhou Railway Bureau is one of 14 railway bureaus in China, the operationmileage is 2100 kilometers and undertake passenger & goods transportation

for Guangxi, Guangdong, Hainan and some southwestern region foreigntransportation for southwestern commodities, a large-sized enterprise ranking No

45 in the 500 top state-ownedenterprises in China with comprehensive economicstrength.

  Liuzhou is main intersection of four main railway trunk such as Hunan-Guangxi line, Guizhou-Guangxi line, Jiaozhuo-Liuzhou line and Litang-Zhanjiang line in South China, Liuzhou Railway Station is also the biggest transit station in southwestern region; 50 pairs of passenger & goods train to the whole country.

The mileages of Liuzhou railway to natural quality ports such as Zhanjiang, Fangcheng and Beihai etc. are 453 kilometres, 420 kilometres and 430 kilometres, export goods can be directly transported to the above-mentioned coast ports and it is timely and convenient. Liuzhou railway is also connected with Vietnamese railway, it is an important channel access to Vietnam from Chinese border area.

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