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1 Preferential Policies  
Preferential Policies

1 Reduction and Exemption of Taxes Preference  

1. To exempt from local income tax

The enterprises, operated by foreign merchants in Liuzhou, are exempted from income tax if they are one of the following conditions: the enterprises of product-export types and of advance-technology types, or the enterprises whose productive value of export products reaches more than 50% of the productive value of products of enterprises this year and which are checked by tax departments of counties and cities; the enterprises to develop infractures such as energy resources, traffic and port construction; the enterprises operated in Sanjiang County, Rongshui County and Rongan County; agricultural, forest, husbandry and fishery enterprises; the incomes gained by enterprises through transferring scientific research results; the enterprises whose total amount of investment is more than 3,000,000 US dollars, the profits of this year are less than 1,000,000 RMB after expiration of reduction and exemption of taxes and which are approved by the tax departments of counties and cities.

2. To reduce and to exempt from real estate tax

The tax is collected according to the remaining sum after reducing 30% one time of the real estate book originalvalue of enterprises. Annual tax rate is 1.2%0 Rental income tax rate is 12%. The enterprises, those are difficultfor paying in real estate tax, may report to the Tax Bureau of Zhuang Autonomous Region for approving the reduction and exemption from real estate in a certain period.

3. To reduce and to exempt from vehicle and vessel license tax

The annual amount of tax of passenger car is 140 RMB and 160 RMB separately. The annual amount of tax of heave-duty truck is 40 RMB per ton. The ton tax of motor-driven ships is collected by customs, and exempt from


2 Financial Return Preference

1. As for the port wharf projects operated by China-foreign equity joint venture, if the contract term is longer than 15 years, from income tax from the first year to the fifth year; to collect half of income tax from the sixth year to the tenth year and after paying in tax, financial departments will tabulate to return all; The income tax, paid from the eleventh year to the fifteenth year after paying in tax, financial departments will tabulate to return 20-50%.

2. If the enterprises of product-export types and of advanced-technology types, operated by foreign merchants, are difficult to repay the loans of bank after tax, after approval by People's Government of the city, financial departments suitable return in a certain period.

3. The enterprises of product-export types and of advanced-technology types, operated by foreign merchants and the productive enterprises, invested by foreign merchants, may realize accelerated depreciation of fixed.

3 Other preference

1.To respect the production and operation decision-making power of the enterprises. Any units can not set up other charge items or raise charge standards without approval by the People's Government of Zhuang Autonomous Region.

2. As for that foreign merchants develop land and set up industry and commerce, according to different use, region and use limit, and the granted land price may give 10-30% preference but the lowest price can not be lower than local standard land price; also in a certain period to exempt from land use charge and in fracture charge.

3. As for the enterprises of high-tech types and export-obtaining foreign money types, invested by foreign merchants. The charges are reduced by 1 0-20%.

4.As for enterprises, invested by foreign merchants, which use the original materials and elements made in China, whose products are mainly exported and whose annual export actual achievements are more than 5,000,000 US dollars, we give priority to import-export quota and license and help the enterprises to take part in the export quota invitation for tender organized by the country.

5. As for the enterprises, invested by foreign merchants, who have set up more than 10 enterprises engaging in production or in fracture construction in China, if the actually paid registered capital subscription of the investors exceeds 30,000,000 US dollars, we will arouse and support them to set up investment and development company in Liuzhou City.

6. As for the enterprises of advance-technology types and export-substitute product types, invested by foreign merchants, except the rigorous limit by the country, their foreign exchanges can be balanced by themselves. The domestic market ration may be extended

7. As for the persons who have rendered great service for importing outside funds, including foreigners,_ overseas Chinese, Chinese, our compatriots in Hong Kong, in Macao and in Taiwan, returned overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese family members, overseas Chinese wives and other personage, they will be given a wards no matter whatever profession they are and no matter how high or Iow their posts are.

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