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Service Organizations

1Liuzhou Commerce Attraction and Promotion Bureau

Liuzhou Commerce Attraction and Promotion Bureau is the institution in charge of the investment attraction and commerce promotion in Liuzhou city. Established by the Municipal Government of Liuzhou City, it is in full charge of all kinds of specific issues in investment attraction and commerce promotion, including setting up and managing the database of investment attraction programs, taking the initiative to organize large-sized investment attraction activities, taking the initiative to make the policies and stipulations on investment attraction, and cooperating other department to invest in the construction of the soft environment of Liuzhou city.

2Liuzhou Administration Service Center

Liuzhou Administration Service Center (hereafter called the Center) was established in June 2007, and its former counterpart was the Administrative Examining and Approving Hall set up in September 2001 (divided into three branches separately as vehicle management, real estate and job & social security). The Center is under the management of Liuzhou Administrative Examining and Approving Office which is an institution attached to Liuzhou Administrative Examining and Approving Reforming Team. It takes the responsibility to reform administrative examining and approving system as well as supervise, manage the administrative examining and approving proceedings in each window of the Center.

The time for administrative examining and approving promised by Liuzhou Municipal Government is only half of the legal time period. Each application is examined in strict accordance with Mode for Examining and Approving. The center takes the initiative to carry out responsibility system; it urges the officers to handle each application within the stipulated time period; it implements concentrated and united yearly inspection and yearly examination; it also carries out the reformation to separate the approving and managing.  

3Investment Complaint Center of Liuzhou City

Investment Complaint Center of Liuzhou City is a specialized institution authorized by the Municipal Government of Liuzhou to respond to the investment complaint. Its main function is to deal with and timely respond to the complaint, reporting and suggestions from the investors. It deals with all complaints with justice and high efficiency, fulfills its mission to protect the legitimate rights of investors.

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