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1 Investment Environment  
Investment Environment

1. Outstanding Geographical Location and Convenient Transportation Network

Liuzhou is located in the middle of Guangxi with outstanding geographical location. It is only 150 kilometers from Guilin in the northeast, 250 kilometers form Nanning in the southwest, about 400 kilometers from the Beihai Port, Fangcheng Port and Qinzhou Port. In its east, Liuzhou is close to the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao where economy is highly developed; in its south, it is next to the North Gulf and The ASAN where the economy is under fastest development; in its west, it is close to Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan province; In its north, it is connected to the middle and lower Yangtze Valley. Back to the Southwest of China and facing the Southeast Asia, Liuzhou is located in the area where the south economic development zone (south China economic circle) and the southwest under-developed zone (southwest economic circle) connect. It has convenient road transportation and can directly reach Hanoi of Vietnam through Dongxin and the Youyi Pass; it also commands convenient waterway and can directly reach Indonesia, Philippines and other Southeast Asia countries through the Beihai Port, Qinzhou Port and Fangcheng Port. It is the bridge tower of China-ASAN Free Trade Zone.   

Liuzhou has constructed a tri-dimensional transportation network of railway, road, waterway and plane. 

Liuzhou is the railway hinge connecting southwest China, middle China and South China; it is also the joint where several railway trunks converge like Xianggui Railway, Qiangui Railway and ZhiLiu Railway.

Liuzhou is one the earliest 45 road hubs in China. National highway 209, 322 and 323 converge in the Liuzhou; the expressway from Guilin to Beihai and that from Wuzhou to Guizhou converge here. Liuzhou has finished constructing the expressway around the city.

Liuzhou port is the national first-category port, from which people can reach Guizhou in the north and arrive at Hong Kong and Macao in the south. Liu Jiang River water-route is a 3-grade water-route designed and planned by Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The biggest shipping capacity is 1 thousand tons, and the yearly port handling capacity reaches 1.8 million tons.

Liuzhou is only 90 minutes by car from Guilin Liangjiang International Airport, and Liuzhou Bailain Airport has opened the flight course to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

2. Modern Facilities of Mail & Communication

Liuzhou is a national experiment city of information and communication, now digital data transforming network dominated by cable and complemented by microwave and satellite. The information exchange and transforming are convenient and fast.  

By the late of 2006, the city had constructed the large-capacity and high-speed trunk network, broad band of Telecom, local area cable network, CATV and network for e-office. The fixed telephone capacity amounts to 120 gates and its consumers are more than 1.1 million; the mobile phone capacity is more than 2 million and its customers surpass 1.6 million. The telephone cable covers all towns and 70% of the villages, and a network of 2.5 G has been finished. The bandwidth for city internet access is more than 20G, and underground cable for radio film and televisions is more than 200 kilometers with more than 200 thousand consumers. It is assessed by the State Administration of Radio Film and Television as Top Three Advanced Network (Shanghai, Guangzhou and Liuzhou). The CATV projected has been finished in the urban area and is now under full construction in counties.

3Convenient Customs Service

Liuzhou Port sticks to the work guideline to “administer according to the law, pay attention to cooperation, provide service to companies and aim at development”. Liuzhou Customs, Liuzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and Liu Frontier Inspection Station cooperate with each other to provide 24-hour customs clearance service. The customs service is convenient and quick, the yearly average customs clearance speed is 2.66 days. From August 2005, Liuzhou Customs had implemented the policy of “multiple places to choose to apply to customs and examining and discharging beside the port”. This means that any export & import companies of Liuzhou can apply to customs in any customs within Guangxi, and the real export or import port will conduct quick inspection on the applied goods, which decrease the customs clearance cost greatly and enhances the work efficiency.

4Sufficient Water, Electricity and Gas Resources

The comprehensive water supply capacity amounts to 1.49 million tons per day, and the qualification rate of the water quality is 99.96%, which provides sufficient water supply for Liuzhou city.

Now there are two 500 kv transformer substations in Liuzhou city, 6 220kv transformer substations, 27 kv transformer substations, which can supply 8.54 billion kwh every year, sufficiently satisfy the present electricity demands in Liuzhou which is about 8.2 billion kwh every year.

Liuzhou commands abundant water electricity resources, a series of hydropower stations, represented by the Red Flower Hydropower Station which can generate electricity 0.92 billion kWh every year, will provide sufficient electricity for Liuzhou.

The gas supply in Liuzhou is also abundant; the total volume of gas supply in Liuzhou city is 33.2 million m3 every year, and the gas pipe has covered the whole city and gas is available for 85% of the citizens.

5Powerful Assistance from Science and Education

As one the first national experiment city of “strengthening the city by science and education”, Liuzhou has won the “Advanced City of Strengthening the City by Science and Education”. In 1997, Liuzhou was listed as a national experiment city of strengthening the city by science and education; in 2002, it was approved by the Ministry of Science & Technology as a key city of informationaization as well as listed as the demonstrative city of informationizaiton; in 2003, Liuzhou, approved by Ministry of Science & Technology, became the national new-material industrialization base and Guangxi equipment manufacturing base. In 2007, Liuzhou was listed as the national export & import base of automobile and its spare parts as well as national manufacturing base of automobile and its spare parts.  

There are 13 independent Scientific Institutions, 7 industrial R&D institutions, 111 company R&D centers and all kinds of 113 thousand technicians in Liuzhou. Among them, there are national “Liuzhou Engineering Technology Research Center of New Material and Spare Part for Automobile”, national “Liuzhou engineering technology Research Center of Indium and Other Rare Metals” and provincial “Liuzhou Engineering Technology Research Center of Integration of Technology of Bamboo-Pulp-Paper”etc.

Liuzhou Productivity Promotion Center is a provincial demonstrative institution, which together with Liuzhou Technology Transaction Center, Manufacturing Informationization Promotion Center, and the Service Platform for Paten Transformation provides valuable service to all kinds of companies regarding to the informationization scheme and technical advice.   

Liuzhou is a national advanced city in vocational education with complete and full education system. There are 1 university, 7 colleges and vocational colleges, 36 technical secondary schools (5 are national key schools, 5 provincial key schools), 11 technician schools (2 are national key schools) in Liuzhou. Based on the industrial characteristics in Liuzhou, these colleges and schools concentrate on majors such as mechanics, automobile, metallurgy, cartoon, modern service, and cultivate millions of excellent technicians for the economic development in Liuzhou.

6Rich Human Resources

As the key industrial town in Guangxi, Liuzhou has cultivated and hence prepared millions of technicians. At present, the employers in Liuzhou city amount to 320 thousand, among which the technicians take 254 thousand, 191 has been certified. Of those certified technicians, 84 thousand are only elementary, 82 thousand are secondary, and 25 thousand are senior technicians or higher. The technicians are mainly around metallurgy, automobile and machinery.

Liuzhou Talent Exchange Development Center, Labor Market and Job Service Center are always ready to provide all kinds of talents and training.

7Modern Financial and Insurance Service

Liuzhou has all kinds of financial and insurance institutions, and all the financial services are modernized. The financial institutions represented by Bank of China, Industry and Commerce Bank of China, China Construction band, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Communication and Liuzhou City Commercial Bank, offer all investors in Liuzhou all kinds of financial services including internet bank, financing, balancing and consulting.

Several equity companies represented by Guangxi Guohai Equity and Beijing Equity etc, and insurance institutions represented by PICC Liuzhou Branch, China Life Liuzhou Branch and CPIC Liuzhou Branch offers all enterprises in Liuzhou all kinds of financing guaranty, lease service, and qualified insurance service on property, life and transportation etc. 

8Comfortable Hotel and Unique Foods Culture

Liuzhou city is equipped with complete tourism facilities with 25 stared hotels. Liuzhou Hotel, Regent Hotel, Jindu Hotel have won the title for many times: “Top Ten Hotels in Guangxi” and “the Excellent Stared Hotel in Guangxi”. In these hotels, there are business center with complete functions, western or Chinese traditional dining rooms, 24-hour bodybuilding service, relaxing and traveling service and other entertainment facilities. Also a group of well-trained translator and tour guides are available.

9Perfect Hospital and Education Service

Liuzhou is a national advanced unit on sports and sanitation. By far, a complete and perfect sanitation inspection and disease prevention system has been established, forming a three-level network for sanitation and healthcare. There are 8 national 3-grade hospitals in Liuzhou represented by Liuzhou People’s Hospital—“Top 100 Hospital in China”; they command convincing techniques, advanced facilities, and hence are always ready to offer the first-class medical treatment and healthcare service. 

Liuzhou city is equipped with sufficient facilities on education and entertainment; the arts creation are prosperous here; the company culture, school culture, community culture and village culture develops healthily. The culture industry in Liuzhou is also booming; art performance, music and dance, film, culture tourism, art training, cartoon creating are under development. There are 10 art performance teams and 7 public libraries in Liuzhou. Large-sized music play Grand Songs All over the Guangxi wins the “Great Art Praise”, “Top 10 Classic Plays of National Stage Arts” and etc. The radio and television develop fast in Liuzhou, the radio coverage rate is 92.5%, and that of TV is 95%. Liuzhou Library is one of the municipal public libraries who store the most books and materials. It was granted by Ministry of Culture as “National Advanced Library” and “First-class Library”. Liuzhou Cultural and Commercial Square is the biggest market of publication materials in Guangxi.

Liuzhou is well equipped with sports facilities; there are one large-sized sports center, training center for National Basketball Team, Badminton & Ping pong center, swimming pool, shooting gallery etc. 

Liuzhou has cultivated lots of excellent players, such as “the Prince of Gym” Li Ning, Xie Saike who is the former world champion of Ping Pong, Yu Xiaoling—the former world champion of diving, and Zhu Fangyu—a basketball player for National Team. Liuzhou Basketball Training Center has been praised by the General Administration of Sports of China for many times. National Male Basketball Team and National Female Basketball Team grant Liuzhou Basketball Training Center as “The Cradle of Champion”, “The Family of Players” and etc.

10Comfortable Environment to Live

Liuzhou is located in the subtropical zone, the temperature here is in order, and plants are green all over the year. Green coverage rate in the constructed area is 36.52%, the green land coverage rate is 31.39%, and per capital green land area is 9.65 m2. The air quality in Liuzhou city is a little higher than national standard grade 2, the water quality maintains national standard grade 3.

Liuzhou city has won the title “National Clean City”, “National Excellent City of City Integrated Treatment” and “National Advanced Green City”. The public security in Liuzhou is ideal and stable under the integrated prevention system of “Fighting, Preventing, and Controlling”. In June 2004, Liuzhou was granted by Community Committee and Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region as “Provincial Civilized City”.


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