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1 Introduction of Liuzhou  
Introduction of Liuzhou

Liuzhou Survey

Liuzhou, also called Dragon-City, is located in the middle of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region(23° 54'-26° 53' north latitude, 108° 32'-110° 28' east longitude). With coordinated development, it is a regional central city and a transportation hub based on industry. Liuzhou is a famous historic and cultural city, and is also well-known for its fantastic landscape.

Liuzhou is located in the seasonal area between from China's southern subtropical regions to tropical regions. The time for summer is long, and the time for winter is short comparatively, With abundant sunshine and plentiful rainfall, the climate of Liuzhou is moderate. The average annual temperature is 20.607° C. the non-frost period is about from 209days to 330 days.

Liuzhou consists of five counties and five districts. They are Liucheng county, Luzhai county, Rongshui County, Rong-an county, Sanjiang county, and  Chengzhong district, Liubei district, Yufeng district、Liunan district and Liujiang district. Liuzhou covers an area of 18,600 square kilometers, inhabited by 48 nationalities, such as Han, Zhuang, Miao, Yao, Dong and so on. And the total population is 3.72 Million.

Attractions of Liuzhou

With green mountains standing around and a Crystal river meandering through the city, Liuzhou gets a fine reputation of "the world No.1 natural bonsai". During the past decades, Liuzhou has been developing greatly in urban planning, eco-environment, residential quarters, etc. and has initially shaped a good environment for people's living and business with beautiful scenery, clean surroundings, prosperous economy and flourishing society. Liuzhou was honored as "A Famous Historic & Cultural City in China", "china Advanced Garden Greening City", "China Excellent Tourist City", etc. According to the 2009 Blue Book of City Competitiveness in China: Report of City competitiveness in China: three indexes of Liuzhou city rank among top10, including the capaticy of government promoting, the environment comfort-index, and the natural environment beauty-index.

With the social and economic development of Liuzhou, especially in recent years, Liuzhou has speeded up the urban construction. And great projects on communication, transportation, culture, sport and business have been started one by another,. Facilities of public service of the city and municipal infrastructure have been further improved. The area of gardens and green land has been increased greatly. With convenient traffic conditions, Liuzhou is a railway hub connecting southwest china with the areas of central China, east China and south China. Liuzhou is one of the 45 main highway hubs of China. Meanwhile, it is a state level-A harbor, through which Guizhou province can be reached upward and Hong Kong and Macao can be arrived in downward. Bailian airport of Liuzhou is up to the standards of level-4D in China.

Liuzhou is a center of commerce and logistics in southwest China, thus it has been entitled as" the Commercial Center of Middle Guangxi" for long, Large wholesale markets have been built for such products as automobiles with their spare parts, iron and steel materials, building materials, agricultural by-products, goods for everyday consumption, garments, etc, The Guangxi Tangwang Sugar Wholesale Market is the largest market for sugar product trading in China. In2008, total retail sales of consumer goods reached 33.608 billion Yuan, increased by 22.62%. Foreign trade is expanded continuously. Total value of imports and exports reached 2.067 billion USD, up 52.64% in which the value of export reached 964 million USD, which set a new record, and increased by 37.66%. In 2004, Liuzhou was entitled as one of the Best Business Cities of the year in Mainland China by the world well-known business magazine Forbes.

Industry of Liuzhou

Liuzhou is an industrial manufacturing base in Guangxi province and even in the southwest China, whose gross industrial output value accounts for more than a quarter of the whole amount of Guangxi. At present, there are 2,848 industrial enterprises in Liuzhou, including 10 large-sized industrial enterprises in Liuzhou, including 10 large-sized industrial enterprises, 834 industrial enterprises above designated size, and 5 listed enterprises (including Guiliugong stock, Liuzhou Chemical Stock, Liangmianzhen Stock, Youlian Stock and Liuzhou Iron & Steel Group Stock). An industrial system has taken initial shape, with automobile, machinery, and metallurgy as its backbones and supplemented by chemical industry, sugar-making, paper-making, pharmacy, building materials, textile industry, etc. In 2008, the industrial investment totaled 15.969 billion Yuan, up 37.2%, in which investment in technological innovation hit 13.736 billion Yuan, increased by 46.6%; the gross industrial output value reached 175.021 billion Yuan with an increase of 26.06%, while the profit and tax of industrial enterprises above designated size hit 11.415 billion Yuan.


Automobile industry is the first pillar industry of Liuzhou. Such auto giants as General Motors Corporation, Nissan, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, and China Faw Group Corporation have invested in Liuzhou. Liuzhou is one of the national production bases for automotive parts, and is also one of the national output bases for automobiles and automotive parts. A Wide range of vehicles are produced, such as mini-vans, saloon cars, commercial cars of multi-purpose, trucks on light, medium, or heavy duty, vehicles for special purpose, and structure-changed vehicles, etc. There are many famous automobile brands in Liuzhou,such as SGMW, Dongfeng Chenglong, Dongfeng Fengxing (MPV),etc. In 2008,699,700 automobiles were produced, which ranked No.5 among all the cities in China. At present, SGMW has had over 50% market share in the field of mini-commercial vehicle in China, and its monthly sales volume has firstly reached 100,000 among the other producers in the same field in China.

Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd(Liugong for short) is the core company of Liugong group, which is one of top 500 in the manufacture industry of China. Being the first listed company in the same field around Guangxi and China, Liugong is ranked among the leading manufacture ofr construction equipments in China. At present, its competitive products include wheel loaders, excavators, forklift trucks, road building equipments, mobile cranes and so on.

There are over 9,000 staff in Liugong’s headquater and its subsidiary companies. In 2008, the operating income hit 10.3 billion Yuan, up 33.6%over the previous year. And all kinds of economic indexes ranked at the top in the same field. Meanwhile Liugong was ranked in the top 50 among construction machinery producers all over the world, and annual sales amount of loaders ranked the second place around the world.

The main products of Liuzhou OVM Machinery Co., Ltd. include the system of anchor-fixed, oil pumps, jacks, productsof cable, rubber underlays, ripple pipes, etc. The company is not only a supplier of pre-stressed products with good quality, but also a research & development center of pre-stressed technology. What is more, it is a professional contractor for pre-stresses projects. With a history of 40 years, it has been one of the most influential manufacturers in the same field in China, whose products are widely used in constructions of road, hydropower production, tall buildings, rock and fixing, support of deep land base, raising,lifting, pushing andturning of extra large and extra heavy mechenical parts.

Metallurgy industry is the second pillar industry in Liuzhou. Competitive products include rolled steels, zinc ingot, zinc oxide, tin, lead, antimony, lithopone,indium, etc. as the biggest iron and steel production base in Guangxi province, Guangxi Liuzhou Iron and Steel(Group) Company has had the comprehesive annual production capacty of 10 million tons of iron, steel and rolled steel by the end of 2008. in 2008, the output of rolled steels exceeded 6 million tons and the total assets reached 26.387 billion Yuan. This enterprise implements and meets standards of the latest versions of the Quality Management System, the Occupational Health and Safety management System and the Environment Management System. Furthermore, steel olates for shipbuilding of the company obtains the Manufaturer Approvals of 7 Classification Sicieties including CSS(China), LR(U.K), DNV(Norway), BV(France), ABS(USA), NK(Japan) and GL(Germany). Huaxi Tion Group Co., Ltd., with the largest reserves of such metals as tin, antimony, and indium in the nation wide, is an important production base for tin and indium in China. In 2008, its minig and mineral processing capacity has reache 2.5 million tons of ore, and smelting capacity has reached 25,000 tons of tin, 60 tons of indium, 40,000 tons of lead-antimony, 60,000 tons of zinc, and 70 tons of silver. Its total asset has reached 5.59 billion Yuan, and sales income 5.4 billion Yuan. Hinhai Brand tin ingot, a famous product in the nationwide, is the first product that was registered in London Metal Exchange among the same products in China. And such products as indium, lead, antimony, silver and indium target materials are not only famous in Guangxi, but also popular in the global market. In 2002, Liuzhou was listed as an experimental base for for the industrialization of new materials in China. So far, two industrualizatoin projects of further processing of indium, which had been included into the National Science & Thechnology Pillar Program, have been accelerated. And one of these two projects is ITO target materials with good performnce.

Liuzhou Liangmianzhen Co.,Ltd. Was established in 1941 and became a listed company in Shanghai Stock Exchuange

Customs of Liuzhou

Liuzhou is rich in fantastic stones, so it gets a reputation of "capital of Fantastic Stones". So far, the only fantastic stone garden in China, Jianpanshan Fantastic Stone Garden is Located in Liuzhou, According to related statistics, fantastic stones of Liuzhou consist of about such 19 kinds as mountain-stones, water-stones, water-stones, land-stones, cave-stones, rocks, fossils, mixed-stones, etc. They are grouped by their shapes, patterns and location of deposits, and are divided into about 100 kinds according to their features in appearance. Liuzhou fantastic stones are well-known for their distinctive shapes, beautiful colors, good qualities, clear stripes, good-looking bases and accurate names. Emphasis is placed on the integration of shape, quality, color and stripes.

Harmony of Liuzhou

Constant improvement of living and working environment has been achieved not only in urban areas, but also in rural areas of Liuzhou. In 2008,the annual per capita disposable income of urban households reached 14,350 Yuan, up 11.5%over the year of 2007.The annual per capita net income of rural households reached 3,855 Yuan, up 10.2% over the previous year. Social security system has been further improved. The basic cost of living allowances for urban residents have been raised from 240 Yuan to 260 Yuan. Progress was made in systems of emergency aid, special assistance to entitled groups and charity programs .In 2002, the United Nations Development Programme listed Liuzhou as an experimental city for city plan, management and development for 21st century.


The next several years is the key period for Liuzhou to accelerate industrialization and urbanization. We will follow the philosophy of "One Thinking", "Two taking Leads", "three simultaneous Developments" and "Four Fames" to achieve scientific progress and leapfrog development in Liuzhou. According to the general thinking on development of building a prosperous Liuzhou and enriching its people through developing industry,with the goal of taking the lead in realizing industrialization and urbanization in Guangxi, we will make great efforts to realize simultaneous developments of both industries and environmental protection, simultaneous developments of both living environment and national economy, and simultaneous improvements of both the living standards for urban and rural residents and the economic and social development levels. We will strive to build Liuzhou into a city famous for its industry, history, culture and tourism, and make Liuzhou" an industrial city with a good ecological environment and a vigorous city suitable for people's working and living”.

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