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1 Liuzhou’s Economic & Social Development Plan  
Notice for distributing the 12th 5-year-plan from Liuzhou municipal government

Member of the planning committee

Directors: Chen Gang, Secretary of Liuzhou CCP and Director of the Standing Committee of Liuzhou CPPCC, and

Zheng Jun-Kang, Vice Secretary of Liuzhou CCP and Mayor of Liuzhou

Vice directorsHe Xin-Xin Member of the Standing Committee of Liuzhou CCP and Executing DeputyMayor

Liu Chuan-Ling Member of the Standing Committee of Liuzhou CCP


Xiang Jun Secretary of Liuzhou municipal government

Zhang Jun-Chi Deputy Secretary of Liuzhou municipal government

Chen Hui-Xing Deputy Secretary of Liuzhou municipal government

Jiang Yun-Fei Director of Liuzhou Development and Revolution Committee  

Dai Xiang Director of Liuzhou Industraialization and Information Committee

He Bing Director of Liuzhou Housing Committee

Zhang Si-Qi Director of Liuzhou Commerce Department

Tian Wen Liuzhou Land Department

Ye Yao-Mei Director of Liuzhou Planning Department

Wang Hong-Hao Director of Liuzhou Statistics Department

Lan Deng Director of Liuzhou Agricultural Affairs Department

Yang Ke-Bing Director of Liuzhou Forestry Department

Luo Ming-Qing Director of Liuzhou Water Resources Department

Xu Shi-Kun Director of Liuzhou Travel and Transportation Department

Luo Wei-Dong Deputy Commissioner of Liuzhou Public Security

Sa Zhong-Min Director of Liuzhou Education Department

Zhou Gang Director of Liuzhou Technology Department

Gan Yi Director of Liuzhou Civil Affairs Department

Liu Jun Director of Liuzhou Fiscal Department

Cui Hong Director of Liuzhou Human Resources and Social Security Department

Li Li-Zhen Director of Liuzhou Cultural Affairs Department

Huang Jian-Hui Director of Liuzhou Health Department

Huang Chong-Fang Director of Liuzhou Family Planning

Gan Jing-Ling Director of Liuzhou Environment Protection Department

Cao Bing Director of Liuzhou Sports Department

Huang Shao-Long Director of Liuzhou Parks and Woods Department

Ye Qing-Song Director of Liuzhou Tourism Department

Meng Zhuo-Yi Director of Liuzhou Broadcasting Department

Ye Zhi-Bo Director of Liuzhou Investment Attraction Department

Xie Ming-Yang Director of Liuzhou Government Development Research Center

Qin Wei-Guo Commissioner of Liujiang

Niu Ji-Chang Commissioner of Liucheng

Qin Jian-Bo Commissioner of Luzhai

Chen Jia-Da Commissioner of Luorong

Dong Ling Commissioner of Rongshui

Yang En-Wei Commissioner of Sanjiang


The office of the committee is responsible of details works of planning and researching the 12th 5-year plan of Liuzhou, drafting the outlines, organizing detailed plans, setting up knowledge base and communication; editing and publishing the report. The office locates at Liuzhou Development and Revolution Committee and is directed by Jiang Yun-Fei, with deputy director as Teng Ding-Lian.


Contents and requirements of the plan

21 topics including the environment, economics, social development, living standards and revolution need to be researched and discussed in order to prepare a full plan. Among the 21 topics, there is 1 general plan, 10 major research topics, and 10 specific plans. The planning will be commissioned and engaged.

1 General plan

Outlines of the 12th 5-year plan of Liuzhou (by Liuzhou Development and Revolution Committee)


2 10 Major research topics (by further appointed organization):

1. General research on the plan

2. Current domestic and international economic situation and its impact on Liuzhou

3. Guidelines and focuses of the plan and industrial structure shift

4. Research on Liuzhou’s Xijiang economic area

5. Research on Liuzhou’s outskirt economic areas

6. Research on improving urban integration

7. Improving information and industrialization

8. External environment for Liuzhou’s social and economic development

9. Research on leading agricultural products

10. Research on improving people’s living standards.

3 10 Specific plans

1. Industrial plans (by Liuzhou Economics Committee)

2. Agricultural plans (by Liuzhou Agricultural Affairs Department)

3. Commercial plans (by Liuzhou Commerce Department)

4. Environment protection plans (by Liuzhou EPA)

5. Public transportation plans (by Liuzhou Transportation Department)

6. Human resources plans ( by Liuzhou HR Department)

7. Technology plans (by Liuzhou Technology Department)

8. Health plans (by Liuzhou Health Department)

9. Employment and social security plans (by Liuzhou Employment Department)

10. Earthquake solutions plans (by Liuzhou Earthquake Department)

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