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Liuzhou Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection


1.Enforce and promote the national and provincial laws and regulations of environmental protection.  Draft environmental protection economic, technological and resource allocation and industrial policies with other departments, implement the environmental impact evaluations of the important economic policy in the city.

2. responsible for formulate the city environmental protection planning; participate in formulating the middle and long term  and annual plan of city economic and social development.  National land treatment and exploiting and regional economic development, industry development planning and resource saving and comprehensive utilizing; check the city general plan and city environmental protection planning organization evaluation; calculate natural resources; manage the city environment statistics and information and publish city environmental situation communiqué.

3.Implement national and provincial environmental protection standard; set and modify the pollution emission standard of Liuzhou and the corresponding control index and environmental quality standard, environmental protection industrial standard.

4.supervise and prevent waste gas, waste water, waste dust, stinking gas, noise vibration, radioactive material, electromagnetic radiation and other pollution in Liuzhou; supervise and manage the urban and rural combined treatment and industrial pollution control, promote pollution limitation treatment system and register the import and export of toxic chemicals.

5.Manage the natural environmental protection, protect and planning the natural reserve zones, guide the ecological agriculture, supervise the resource exploitation which has impact upon ecological environment, supervise the protection of wild animal and plant, supervise the import and export of rare and endangered animals.

6.Implement the systems of environmental protection target responsibility, pollution central control, pollution emission report, pollution emission permission, charged pollution emission, environmental impact evaluation etc.; take part in the check and approve the environmental impact report of basic construction projects, technology modification project and national, provincial and municipal development projects; assess and test the comprehensive environmental treatment for the city.

7.Manage the environment survey, set up and complete environmental surveillance system, implement environmental surveillance standard and manage the city environmental surveillance network, guide the all the environmental surveillance stations to establish standard and quality laboratory, compile relevant measure certificate, quality certificate and environmental report.

8.Manage the city environmental surveillance, promote the systemization, modeling and standardization of environmental surveillance, examine the time limited treatment project by province or city on site, investigate and handle major environmental pollution accidents and ecological damage.

9. Make the plans of environmental protection science and technology development, manage the major environmental technology research and achievements, organize and promote clean producing, comprehensive utilizing technology and environmental pollution preventing technology, introduce environmental protection technology into the city, supervise and verify the environmental protection equipment, organize the environment labels.

10. guide and coordinate the environmental protection team establishment and educational promotion; do the training of the environmental protection staff.

11. organize environmental protection international exchange, manage environmental protection international cooperation and foreign investment utilizing, help the city to perform environmental protection international agreement and convention.

12. undertake the daily work of Taihu Lake water resource protection committee office and municipal environmental protection protection.

Undertake the other duties assigned by the municipal government. 



Add: No.16, Gaoxin North Road, Liuzhou, China545006

Tel: +86-772- 2621337




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