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Liuzhou Municipal Bureau of Water Resources


1. Study local water development strategy, draft water-related local administrative regulations and statues, put forward mid- and long-term as well as annual water development plans and organize their implementation; appraise water-related contents of national economic and social development plans, overall urban planning and major construction projects; participate in resource planning of relevant river basins.

2. Perform integrated administration of local water resources (including surface water, ground water and aerial water); formulate mid- and long-term demand and supply plans and allocation arrangements of water resources and oversee their implementation; implement water access permission system and water resources charging system; release bulletins on water resources; administer hydrological work.

3. Manage water supply in the city; formulate management codes and technical standards for the technology, operation, service and supply of the water supply industry and oversee their implementation; implement the water supply license system; manage private wells in the city; oversee and inspect the water quality of both public and private water supply facilities.

4. Manage planned use and conservation of water in the city; formulate relevant policies and standards in this respect and oversee their implementation.

5. Manage local drainage, sewage treatment and the utilization of renewed water; implement the license system in this respect; manage the maintenance of related facilities and the collection and use of sewage treatment fee; manage drainage control and monitor drainage water quality.

6. Manage the protection of riverways, reservoirs, lakes and embankments in the city; monitor water volume and quality of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and drinking water areas; verify the pollution carrying capacity of waters, study and put forward proposals on the division of functional zones of water areas, limit on the total pollutant emission and improvement of water environment and oversee their implementation.

7. Manage water-related projects and facilities; compile proposals and feasibility reports on major water-related projects; implement national quality standards for water-related technologies, as well as rules and codes of water-related projects; organize check and acceptance of water-related projects.

8. Organize and coordinate capital construction of farmland water conservancy; manage local soil and water conservation.

9. Participate in the management of water-related fund; coordinate with competent departments in working out water-related economic regulation policies and measures; participate in the management and reform of water price and other related works in the city.

10. Organize, coordinate, oversee and guide city-wide work against flood and drought.

11. Perform the supervision and law enforcement of water-related administrative work; coordinate water-related disputes between and among different departments, districts and counties.

12. Undertake other duties assigned by the Municipal Government.




Add: No.15, Guangya Road, Liuzhou, China,545001  

Tel: +86-772-2824895



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