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Liuzhou Municipal Administration of Forestry


1. to carry out state laws and regulations and policies related to forestry; to make local laws and policies regarding forestry ecological environment, protection of forest resources, and forestation; to make medium and long term development plans and have them implemented; to draw up with entrustment from higher authority local laws, regulations regarding forestry administration and have them enforced after being examined.

2. to organize the building of non commercial forests in the city and guide the work of forestation, greening and enclosing hills for forests growing, etc.; to direct departments to use measures like trees and grass planting to prevent loss of water and soil erosion; to guide state-owned forestry farms, nursery gardens, forest parks, and frorestry work stations to undertake construction and management work; to organize and guide the building and management of forestry, floral plants and seedling projects.

3. to organize and carry out the protection of forest resources, the survey, dynamic monitoring and statistical work of forest resources on a regular basis; to compile quota plans for forest cutting and supervise the execution of the plans; to supervise the licensed cutting and transport of forest trees and bamboos; to direct the administration on forest land and make preliminary examination on the requisition and occupation of forest land; to take charge of the pay-and-use of forestry resources and supervise the development and utilization of forest lands. 

4. To organize and protect land wild life and vegetation resources and guide the rational use of them; to provide guidance on the building and management of wild life protection zones; to take charge of the examining work on importing and exporting rare species; to organize and coordinate the conservation of wetlands of the city.

5. to guide the forestry security work and the building of forest security force; to direct and coordinate fire prevention and pest control work, the quarantine of forest vegetation and handling of disputes related to woods and forests.

6. to propose suggestions on regulating the development funds for forestry; to monitor and administer the forest assets; to be responsible for examination and approval of forestry development projects; to guide and monitor the use of forestry finance and funds etc. 

7. to provide guidance on growing commercial woods and scenic woods, like wooden forests, economic-use forests, firewood-and-charcoal-use woods, woods for medicine use, bamboo woods, and other woods for special purposes; to guide the development of tea gardens, fruits gardens, medicinal plants, floral plants, bamboo woods as well as forest sightseeing.

8. to organize the forestry sci-tech exchanges, education and publicity work; to coordinate the forestry departments to conduct exchanges and cooperation with outside; to see over the building of forestry force.

9. to undertake other tasks delegated by the city government.




Add: No.1 , Guangya north Road, Liuzhou, China,545001  

Tel: +86-772-2836799



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