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Liuzhou Municipal Bureau of Landscaping


1. Enforce and promote the national and provincial laws and regulations of landscape, gardening, forests and urban greening.  Research and draft local regulations of landscape, gardening, forests and urban greening with supervision.

2. draft the development strategy, middle and long term plan and policies of landscape, gardening, forests and urban greening with guide and supervision; guide the urban district to draft gardening and greening plans.

3. responsible for the law enforcement of gardening and greening, deal and investigate the violations of landscape, gardening, forests and urban greening regulations.

4. responsible for checking and approving the removal and cutting of urban trees, temporary occupying grass, protecting old and rare trees and urban greening plans; check and approve the qualifications of urban gardening and greening enterprises; organize and guide urban greening construction and check the finishing of urban greening project; guide the business and technology of urban nurseries.

5.check the planning of landscape and scenic areas; approve the classification and grading of landscape and scenic areas; check and approve the plans of building new parks and scenic areas or spots with offering supervision; plan, construct and manage the directly governed scenic areas and parks.

6. Implement the policy, law and regulations of mass compulsory planting and greening; formulate the Liuzhou mass compulsory planting development plans with supervision; promote, motivate, coordinate the mass planting and national land greening with supervision and awarding.

7. collect, manage and use the fees of mass compulsory planting, greening, compensations on damaging urban grass or flowers and greening facilities, and landscape resources; draft the plans of gardening and greening fees and important project fund using of urban greening in the city construction maintenance fee of relevant departments; participate in the budget and accounting of urban greening construction projects; responsible for internal auditing.

8. Plan, organize, coordinate the major festive events in the directly governed scenic areas and parks and guide the sightseeing business.

9. Survey and excavate the relics in scenic areas with the relics administration with protection, repair and utilizing.

10. Protect and manage the landform, landscape and vegetation in the scenic areas and other natural sceneries and zoos.

11. Formulate the scientific development plans of  gardening and greening industry.  Check, apply and promote the research accomplishment of gardening and greening; guide and manage the import of relevant technology and species; organize professional and academic communication and international exchange of gardening and greening, lead the gardening and greening societies in the city.

12. Responsible for the moral, organization and behavior of the bureau and subordinate departments strengthen discipline checking and mass work leadership.

13. Undertake the other duties assigned by the municipal CPC committee and government.



Add: No.26,Wantang Road, Liuzhou, China,545001  

Tel: +86-772- 2822869


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